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Welcome to AB Consultants, your trusted partner in shaping your educational and professional journey. We offer a range of specialized services to cater to your diverse needs, all designed to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Our commitment to excellence and our personalized approach set us apart as a leading consultancy in the field. Explore our comprehensive services:

Student Visa

After securing admission to the university, the next most important step is to prepare the student visa file to submit to the embassy.
Many students need guidance in this regard, as they might lack the knowledge and skills to get ready for an effective student visa file. Our experts work with students one-on-one and guide them in the preparation of every document needed to submit to the embassy in accordance with the embassies and the governments of the destination countries. Our counselors and visa processing officers also guide the students in the embassy visa interview preparation and help them greatly in the intensive preparation. The acquisition of student visas for our clients is the ultimate goal of our firm, as we want our students to start their successful education careers abroad through quality and hassle-free services. There is a long list of students who had excellent and successful student visa experiences while availing of our professional counseling and visa processing services.

Study Abroad Counselling

As such, we provide professional counseling and recruiting services on behalf of the institutions that we represent.

With our team of professionally experienced and qualified counselors, admission application processors, and competent resourceful management.

As an emerging education consultancy firm, we commit to counseling our valued clients professionally and as such process their admission applications in their relevant field of study with utmost care, devotion, and responsibility. We have a professional team of highly qualified counselors who possess many years of experience in the counseling field. Our admissions processing staff being detail-orientated and well-informed carefully work on the documents of

the students to match with the admissions checklist for the smooth processing of their admission applications by the admission teams of the institutions that the students choose to apply to or whom we represent. Above all, our staff would recommend, based on their long experience of effective university and course selection, such institutions to the students that would perfectly match their funding range, yet provide the most productive options for their quality education abroad that would incredibly help them start their professional careers in future successfully. So, we can confidently say that we help students reach their potential in pursuit of their bright future.

We offer Student Consultancy for Higher Education abroad in the popular further education destinations across the world. We deal in the good-ranking and suitable institutions in the following countries:








EUROPE (Popular Schengen States: Germany, France, Spain, Norway Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Ukraine)




Student Pre/Post Departure

We are committed to serving our student clients even after they have obtained their student visas for their respective study destination countries. We offer the following pre-departure services to students after they obtain their student visas:

  • Assisting students with their booking and arrangements for student
  • Airline ticket booking and buying help students get cost-effective air
  • Airport pick-up guidelines and
  • Any urgent help students might require while studying on the university

Scholarship Assistance 

AB Consultants extend assistance to students in availing of international scholarships to make their studies abroad more affordable.

Scholarships range across professional diplomas and certificates, undergraduate and postgraduate, and doctorate and post-doctorate degrees are offered at a range of institutions across a spectrum of study fields in various countries of the world. Our staff keeps themselves informed and updated with the latest information on the scholarships being offered by international universities and colleges. We then communicate this useful information with our students and guide them on how they can avail the university scholarships through our services.

Appeal and Review 

A visa rejection appeal occurs when the country for which you are applying denies you a student visa and the student files an appeal with the tribunal to have the decision overturned. Visas are typically refused to students who lack competent supervision or who do not have all of their documentation in order. Experts in creating visa files that lower the likelihood of rejection are ABconsultants. Our staff of visa aid specialists has specialized training and is an application handling expert.

Common Errors in Visa Rejection: Studies show that Pakistan is one of the top 5 nations with the highest percentage of student visa rejections. In Pakistan, more than 40% of applicants for study-abroad visas are turned down. The cause could be anything from a simple typo to a major application error or falsified paperwork.

When submitting an application for a study visa, students frequently commit mistakes. Because they don’t know all the guidelines and procedures, students occasionally forget to include a crucial document, misquote someone, or can’t gather the materials in a way that makes sense on their own.

The counselors at ABconsultants are qualified and not only offer guidance but also put together the visa file according to the standards in a professional manner that ensures minimal rejection. There are no shortcuts while applying for a visa; occasionally, students need to make sure that their documents are authentic because the university double-checks them. Students must therefore fulfill the requirements of the university, which may be a primary cause of rejection.

Education Counselors assist students with every step of the application process, including creating the visa file, to reduce the likelihood of rejection. Specialized visa review specialists at ABconsultants help students with petition reviews and appeals. You must trust Abconsultants, rest secure, and then wait.

Why IELTS/TOEFL is Essential for Studying Abroad?

To apply to any university, you must meet their language entry criteria. Most universities that teach English language courses require their applicants to prove their English language proficiency.

IELTS/TOEFL is one way to prove your English language skills. According to the requirements of the university, you have to take one test.


The two English proficiency tests, “Test of English as Foreign Language” (TOEFL) and “International English Language Testing System” (IELTS), are acceptable across the world. These tests are an essential part of gaining admission.  A student seeking admission has to achieve a particular score in one of these tests; it will assist the student in their course. Some courses require a higher IELTS or TOEFL Score. ABconsultants help the students in choosing the test, which would be beneficial for the students and provides a center that trains the prospective student to sit the IELTS/TOEFL tests.

ABconsultants is one of the leading higher education consultancies in Pakistan. ABconsultants care for students’ future and facilitate them at each step to achieve their educational career goals. We arrange English language training sessions for students wanting to pursue higher education abroad.
At ABconsultants, students are also entertained with IELTS/TOEFL mock classes and sessions. Sessions are held in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Peshawar-Deans, Abbottabad, and Mardan;  to facilitate the prospective students. Book your session today to experience individual attention and accelerated scores!

What is a Visa Interview?

A Visa interview is a way by which the visa officers check the credibility of the student. It is a crucial part of a student’s visa application. ABconsultants visa interview guides have helped thousands of students with their remarkable strategies, which helped them succeed in their visa interviews.

How to Prepare for a Study Visa Interview?

Even though there are no specific ways to succeed in the interviews. However, over the years has devised a strategic preparation program that enhances the applicant’s ability to respond and understand the interviewer. The most critical aspect of preparing for an interview is to improve your communication and language skills. For that, ABconsultants conducts mock sessions between the applicants and our experts, helping them to reduce the fear and anxiety of the interview and assist them in looking into their negative and positive traits. Our experts help you in coping with your interview anxiety.

During the visa interview, the officers ask different questions about you and your selected course. For example, why are you choosing this university? The reason for choosing the country, etc.?  Mainly they test whether the student is genuine or not. The ABconsultants admission guidance team assists the student in each step of the process preparing him or her in a manner that makes them competent in dealing with all queries.

Why do you need a Health Examination Test?

Precautionary health tests for viral and non-viral diseases have been a  part of the student visa process to study abroad. These tests are conducted to determine if any infectious disease is existent in the student so that it is identified before the entry. Generally, the examination test depends upon the country one is applying to. Due to the Pandemic, a certain increase in the medical tests for the student visa is there. Some universities now require a full body checkup, and some require the examination report of a specific disease. So it varies from country to country you are applying to.

Standard Medical Tests:

The medical examination tests depend upon the medical criteria of the country you are applying to. Most standard medical examination test for a student visa to study abroad includes:

  1. Tuberculosis (TB)
  2. Blood test
  3. Full body health and fitness tests.

There are different policies in different countries for disabled students. Some countries induct disabled international applicants as students, but some countries like Australia mostly don’t qualify students with disabilities.

Every embassy has its own panel and clinics. The country in which you are applying recommends the panel and clinics for a health examination. Students are advised to check the relevant doctors or clinics or visit ABconsultants Pakistan for further details regarding studying abroad.

Your medical examination tests are valid for a specific period of time. But if a student wishes to defer his intake, he/she might need to get the tests done again.

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