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AB-Consultants With Years of Experience, Trust & Recommendation

AB Consultants is a well-established and one of the most specialised overseas education consultants in Pakistan with its head office based in Islamabad. We are providing life-changing education and career guidelines by connecting our students with top ranking and good institutes around the world. We aim to provide most reliable, efficient, and professional services that our clients need to excel in their future educational and professional careers.
We also offer our quality result-oriented services in immigration & visit visas of various countries to make our clients’ foreign settlements and travel experience most successful. Moreover, AB Consultants proudly prepare students and professionals for their English Language Exam Tests to help them meet their English language skills requirements confidently.

Our Mission

The main objective of our company is to help students of our country become more useful and competent citizens of our country so that they can contribute most to the economic devealopment and the betterment of the community. To achieve this objective, we are offering our services in the domain of global quality education so that students can benefit from the most advanced and practical education from the best technologically well-advanced countries whose education systems and standards are high and continuously evolve on the basis of the latest research and development. Foreign education from renowned countries has been long revered and highly regarded as it instills creativity, practicality, and innovation in the students as they get ready for their professional careers. These top-notch and sought-after skills and knowledge of advanced level is lacking at the moment at most institutions here, so students end up getting an education with a static mentality; consequently, students have no option other than choosing non-dynamic career paths or contributing very little towards the development of the country.

We want our clients to get ready for their future careers while obtaining professional skills and practical advanced knowledge through global education from countries, which are implementing the latest technology tools and teaching methods that are regularly updated with resourceful research and development. This provides the most dynamic and conducive learning environment for students to get them practical career-oriented education.

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is that people of our country make global impact in the rapidly developing world, which is increasingly becoming more and more global village now. The ingeniously prepared professionals from our country can play their role also in making this world a better world while developing global cultural understanding rising to the level of global citizens.

Our Team
Who are dedicatedly working with us.

Syed Najam ul Hassan

Managing Director

Danish Raza Balti

Branch Manager Islamabad

Khawar Nazeer

Branch Manager Kharian

Fakhra Aslam

Admin Officer

Zohaib Hassan

Senior Visa Counselling Officer

Muhammmad Rizwan

Visa Counselling Officer

Fazeel Raza

IELTS Teacher

Saif Habib

Graphic Designer

Ehsan Ali

Office Assistant Islamabad

Ahmad faraz

Office Assistant Kharian

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